[BUY1FREE1] Korea Invisible NANO Technology Liquid 9H Screen Protector

    $24.00 $16.00


    • Easy to apply ¬†giving a perfect result every time
    • No bubbles, no wrong positioning , no glue stains.
    • Protest against abrasion and scratches Anti-static with an invisible but glossy finish
    • Reduce finger marks and smuggles
    • Improve screen clarity and brilliance
    • Resistant both acid and alkaline
    • Water and oil repellent, Dirt & dust repellent
    • Preserves screen sensitivity
    • 0.5ml/bottle


    • 9H extreme hardness
    • High definition
    • Crstal clearly
    • Anti-microbial
    • Anti-corrsion
    • Abrasion resistance